Study In Schengen

Below are the Schools we represent in Schengen

ISL Sprachschule (Germany)

ISMA University (Latvia)

Ipsantarem University(Portugal)

Gologne Business School (Germany)

International America School ( Spain)

International Business School (Hungary)

Lincoln University College (Malaysia) 

America University of Malta, Malta

Linnaeus university, Sweden

Das Sprachen institute (DSI), Germany

Key Benefits of Studying in Schengen

A ‘booming’, vibrant, economy with a cumulative GDP increase of 122% over the last 4 years totaling more than 400 billion US dollars.

Centrally located between Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

An important energy terminal and corridor in Europe, which connects East and West.

A young population of over 70 million, with an average age of 29.

Qualified, cost-effective and motivated labor force.

A fast growing domestic market.

In the EU Customs Union since 1996 and an EU accession country since October 2005.

Institutionalized economy fueled by 20.2 billion USD of FDI in 2006 and ranked the 13th most attractive country in the world.

Liberal and reformist investment climate with highly competitive investment conditions.

Dynamic and mature private sector with over 105 billion USD worth of exports and an increase of 240% in the last 4 years.

Sound economic policies with tight fiscal discipline.

Strong financial structure resilient to the global financial crisis.

Rapid recovery from the global financial crisis

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